About Us

Providing design and build services since 2002
  • Zahra Porbanderwala

    A traveller at heart, Zahra values the journey to everywhere, be it a place on the map or a place yet to be created on the maps of cities or hearts. Her favourite line: “The joy is in the journey, destination is a metaphor.” As such, a project is a result of a joyous journey, evolving each one working on it.

  • Aneel Porbanderwala

    Wanting to try out something new all the time and being in the curiosity is what gives Aneel the kick. This allows the flow of innovative mechanisms that make superior skilled laboured products part of a smooth process. Bringing in a fine balance between 'machine made' and ‘hand made’ into production is a skill that he has evolved impeccably over the years.

At Studio Vibes we create environments that allow you to fulfil your purpose in those spaces. We believe that your space permeates you. Our purpose is to create spaces that permeate love and peace into your being.

Design concepts are arrived at intuitively according to what the energy of the space demands. There is no reference point for the concepts, hence each space is one of its kind.

We offer complete end to end services covering the entire gamut of interior spaces within the shortest time frame possible. All tangible services such as concept design, design development with appropriate visual representations, recommended material application, material sourcing and procurement, estimation, labour contractor coordination and effective execution are all taken care of with one point reference for the client.